Mission Statement

by Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy

So I’ve decided to start a blog.  About hockey.  

Hockey IS one of my great passions, and I do enjoy writing – this seems like a logical step.  There’s plenty of hockey bloggers out there, so I think my mission is to do my best to stand out.  I listen to the Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast virtually every day, and I admire Jeff Marek a great deal (no disrespect to Wysh).  When asked for advice about breaking in, Marek usually responds, “Start a blog, start a podcast – if you’re good, people will find you”.  Okay then, Jeff, here goes…

But how to stand out?

I could go the humorous route, and try to be a funny hockey blogger.  But I think people like JR Lind (with his incredibly witty III Communication blog) and Sean McIndoe (of Down Goes Brown fame) do such a great job, that I would only pale in comparison.  Plus, I certainly wouldn’t want to have to keep coming up with funny material (and I’m still amazed at how well those two guys do it).

I could pick one team and follow them closely, perhaps becoming a go-to source for fans of said team.  But that could prove difficult, since I’m a huge St. Louis Blues fan and I live in Los Angeles.  Being 2000 miles away certainly prevents me from accessing the players/management and providing any meaningful insight into my favorite team, and there are also a handful of Blues blogs, presumably written by people currently living in the St. Louis area.  Plus, the Blues already have a great beat writer in Jeremy Rutherford.  And though I do live nearby, I certainly wouldn’t want to exclusively write about the Kings – there are several blogs devoted to that team, and one of their beat writers, Helene Elliott, is in the Hockey Hall of Fame!

I definitely pride myself on having a vast array of hockey knowledge, with an ability to discuss the sport with fans of every team, not just my fellow Blues fans.  As such, I’d like to use this blog to be a “hockey hodgepodge” of sorts – a place where any hockey fan could come to see some perceptive and articulate writing on our beloved sport, and perhaps spark debate or discourse.  I’d even be ecstatic if non-hockey fans felt compelled to read my work!

If Jeff Marek is correct and there’s plenty of room for good hockey bloggers, then it’s my duty to prove him right.  The best writing I’ve seen on the Internet is that which proves to be captivating as well as entertaining, while citing credible and informative references – I’m constantly inspired by Katie Baker’s intelligent writing at Grantland, or the insightful work that John Barr does with his NHL to Seattle blog.  I’d like to follow along those same lines, and I will make sure that any opinions that are not my own are clearly linked back to their original source, and any solid facts that I quote are backed up to their web-based resource.

Finally, I’ll need a theme, a brand – an “Internet Identity”, if you will.  I’ve been a hockey fan for over 20 years, and I’ve lived in Los Angeles for half of that time, so I’m always a bit disappointed when I see how little of a presence hockey has in this city.  The Stanley Cup victory in 2012 was a great start, and there’s certainly more buzz now than there was when I moved here in 2003, but this town still belongs to the Lakers and Dodgers.  This city is also well known for its “transplants”, as many of us have re-located to Los Angeles from far-off (i.e. colder) cities and towns.  Enter the Hockey Transplant – a hockey fan “transplanted” to the City of Angels, giving his take on his favorite sport while enjoying the benefits of his adopted hometown…

Savior of the franchise?

Savior of the franchise?